Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Howdy. This is George Kinney. I am a songwriter, musician, novelist, and practitioner of acupuncture and oriental medicine. By opening this blog, I intend to extend my field of communication with others, and hopefully be able to help, to teach, and to learn.
I have a rather large background in the study of psychological evolution as proposed by Grudjieff, Ouspenski, Nicol, Collin, Goswami, and Zulav. If you have questions, please ask. If you have information to teach me, whup it on me. Debates are fine as long as fundamental parameters of mutual respect are observed.
The thing that comes to mind at the present moment is the struggle to develop authentic, inner power, rather than spending valuable energy trying to achieve external power. It is my belief that the enhancement of one's authentic power, not the quest for external power, is the key to balance, hence, health, for all of us, individually and collectively.
Do not think I am some kind of guru. I am just familiar with a lot of ideas and I understand what the above writers are saying. I'm sure there are many others who know a lot about all this as well.
In addition I raise horses, love to fish with my family and friends, love to travel to Mexico and treat the villagers along the Pacific coast of Michuacan for a multiplicity of maladies for which there are no other medical services available.
That's it for now. Let me hear from you.


  1. Welcome to the bloggin' world, George! I'm redoing the Texas Psych blog and now I've got a brand new link to put up! Good luck and I hope you have a ball.

  2. George, you seem to be one of the few that made it out of the sixties with your mind still in tact. Glad to see it. Most people got all caught up in the drug thing and lost perspective of what the drugs were suppose to help you achieve, hence losing their minds. People are still hungry for knowledge and I think in general we are looking for a way to obtain it, or at least understand things a little better. There is so much obscurity out there in politics and religion and day to day life. What is it all for? Not that I expect you to have all the answers, but let's talk.

  3. Of course I don't presume to know all the answers; most likely I don't have any answers. But I refuse to let that fact prevent me from expressing my propensity to offer speculative idea and concepts
    that I believe may be of benefit to myself and others.
    This is what I have been thinking about lately.
    I suspect that in order for any beneficial evolution to occur, the collective and the individual elements of our society must evolve simultaneously, that is, together. The collective, in this case, might refer to our economic, political and educational institutions and the individual would refer to each individual's independent psychological evolution. Without the integration of both the collective and the individual, little can further develop. Furthermore, I offer that both the collective and the individual must undergo "metanoia", which is the word that can be found in the ancient Greek versions of the Christian New Testament, but which is translated as "repentance", a word that connotes an entirely different meaning. Repentance has come to mean some kind of emotional, moral regret. Metanoia means a radical reversal or change in one's fundamental world view or thinking parameters.
    So then, both the societies major institutions and the individual citizens must under go this metanoia in order for anything substantial to come of it, any meaningful and sustainable change. So then,how to bring this about?
    I am currently exploring possibilities to this end in a new novel I am working on, titled "BRAVE NEW TEXAS".
    The scenario presents Texas succeeding from the union and forming a new nation. This new nation will espouse, establish, and sustain a society founded upon concepts that will follow the gradual metanoia experienced by the citizens and leaders.
    To do this, some serous rethinking of our fundamental paridigm within which we form our sense of self-identity. I could have named the book "A CASE OF MISAKEN IDENTITY"...but I didn't.
    Here is the concept on a bumper sticker.
    The past is a record, a history, or events that actually took place, having been 'collapsed' from the world of infinite potential by consciousness. Not our ego based individual consciousness, but a merger of our transcendent consciousness (soul?) as it seeks resonance with the will of absolute consciousnes, the ground of all being as Gosswami states, or, I'll go ahead and say it... the will of God.
    Thus, the more resonate the individual and collective will is with the ground of all being, the more beneficial, evolutionarily, will be the reality that is actualized from the world of potential into the manifest world we live in through our senses. Things are actualized from the potential into the actual according to probability and that probability is weighted according to how closely the individual will and the collective will of people resonates with the will of absolute consciousness, or the will of God. It is easy to seen then, how important it is for the collective and individual elements in our society to began the process of metanoia. In Christian teachings,the first step toward the Kingdom of Heaven is this process of metanoia as professed by John the Baptist. Of course a couple of thousand years of misinterpretation and manipulation by the "Church' has rendered the esoteric teachings of Christ almost totally impotent,though in their essence, the teachings are right on true and completely reliable.
    Anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it...until it changes, that is.

  4. Politics
    Well, it's Sunday morning and I was watching one of those televised evangelical church shows. Something dawned on me that made me remember one of the things that I consider elemental and vital in our communal quest for a better society, presumably brought about by better people.
    For a long, long time the religious community, including folks representing all major religions have been professing concepts of human behavior the most often propose some form of monotheism, that is, a "one God" view of our world. In my opinion, this fundamental concept is valid and justifiable by observation and study.
    However, there is a huge, cathedral flaw in the essential understanding of the entity through which the creative, all inclusive nature of what is commonly referred to as "God" is applied and which forms the basis of most traditional religions.
    The flaw to which I refer is the almost universal and outrageous anthropomorphism of this all powerful, all pervading, and universal source of creative energy.
    The first clue as to the general idiocy of this tendency is the sexist referral to this omnipotent beingness as "He" this and "He that". This is just plain ridiculous. And, even the brave ones who switch the anthropomorphic reference to "She" meaning the "Goddess" are equally incorrect.
    From this fundamental error, the rest of the system, founded on such a primary error, thus becomes not only incorrect but prevents any true understanding of our species' relationship with the transcendent aspects of our nature, and greatly limits our potential for our most comprehensive and beneficial evolution.
    I have tried (mostly in vain) to come up with a term for whatever universal principle that would best represent this entity or force. The best I have heard is offered by Amit Goswami, who labels this invisible force as Consciousness, the ground of all being. Still, it is an uncomfortable and complex term, requiring a lot of study and background knowledge to comprehend. Oh well, wouldn't it be worth it to a least try to comprehend the real, true nature of what we call "God"?
    Our religious leaders cop out spinelessly, and try to deliver their message supporting the fallacious status quo of the concept of divine participation in our fate and the background of our evolution.
    In short, a new paradigm in thought regarding the nature of this transcendent principle and our relationship to such principle or aspect of our being needs to be developed, enhanced and propagated through dedicated research and education.
    Here are some basic ideas that might enhance this development and the incorporation of the expanded concepts into our society in general.
    1) We are not separate from "God/Goddess.
    2) There exist states of our being that are transcendent to the visually and sensually tangible reality that currently define our idea of our existence and our self identity.
    3) These transcendent states are the primary connection points with universal consciousness, the ground of all being, that many modern scientists are referring to as Quantum Consciousness.
    4) Exclusive Newtonian physics, the foundation of modern materialism,must be replaced by Quantum mechanics as the superior system for furthering our understanding of the essential nature of our universe. This does not mean to abandon the Newtonian principles altogether, but rather to regulate those valuable principle to the pragmatic applications for which for they still and possibly will always be appropriate.